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8 | Designing with Bosch | 800 Series Kitchen
Warm minimalism.
A young couple’s converted row house kitchen marries modern functionality with historic character.
Philadelphia Designer Chris Greenawalt says his clients wanted “a space that they could grow into; something modern, but that wasn’t too cold.” Greenawalt created a uni ed, functional space with a Bosch 800 Series kitchen as its centerpiece. Relocating the kitchen along an exposed brick wall, the entire space was gutted, allowing light to  ood the entire length
of the house. Clean, modern lines were extended using stark white cabinets and streamlined Bosch appliances, including a recessed 30" induction cooktop. Says the homeowners, “One of the biggest decisions we made was to go with the induction cooktop. It cooks evenly, you can pinpoint the temperature, even boil water in under 60 seconds. Plus it’s easy to clean.”
Greenawalt notes that Bosch “hit all of the marks while remaining at a mid-tier price point.” Having worked for a modern housing developer early in his career, Greenawalt added, “We chose Bosch appliances because buyers trusted its reputation, the look aligned with our aesthetic, and we knew we wouldn’t get calls about broken appliances. Today, I’m working directly with clients and still recommend Bosch.”
> The Bosch downdraft ventilation system completely retracts when not in use.
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