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12 | Small Space Living
Small space living.
The big new movement.
Small space living is no longer seen as
a sacri ce or compromise. More and more, people are choosing smaller scale living out of desire, rather than need. Designing for small spaces, especially kitchens, lends itself to embracing the beauty of simplicity and ef ciency. Clean, uncluttered lines. Easy aesthetics. And smaller-scaled appliances designed in correct proportions, creating balance and harmony within the surrounding space. Bosch’s suite of 18" and 24" appliances are speci cally designed to  t downscaled living, without sacri cing upscale tastes. Premium in every way, Bosch small scale appliances feature the quality and performance you’d expect in full-size appliances.
> When it comes to small spaces, less is more. Timeless design is the secret to creating smaller habitats that don’t sacri ce quality or style.
^ Provide streamlined beauty and ef ciency to any project with Bosch small space appliances.

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